Who we are…

You meet your friends in places you least expect.

Gina was working at a law firm for 2 years and in her senior year in college, she contemplated with the idea of going to Law School.  She took a few days off from work to study for the LSAT’s.  At the same time, the law firm was in the midst of hiring a paralegal (through Craigslist out of all places).  When Gina returned back to work (a little late that day), Julie was sitting in her car, anxiously awaiting her first day of work. But this isn’t where our friendship began.  When and where it began, we do not recall for sure.


Fast forward 5 years (2014), we both work at different jobs now but are still BFFL.


Why we started this blog…

As we grow older, our lives may take us down two different paths.  This journey gives us a fun way to get together and explore the things we love: wine, food, and adventure. Each year we will create new goals and visit new places.



2014- Visit all the wineries listed in the 2014 New Jersey Wine Country Passport.

2015- Try a minimum of 10 foods from different cultures.


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