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President’s Day – Year Two!


In keeping with tradition, we started off our new adventure also on President’s Day. Although wine is not part of 2015 adventure, we couldn’t help but make a stop at Tomasello Winery, which has a tasting room at Abma’s Farm & Market in Wyckoff. When we had vistied Tomasello in July, they had advised us that we could bring back our wine glass to any of their locations and enjoy a complimentary tasting. Win! We’d been meaning to go to the store in Wyckoff for several months, and thought that our day off would be the perfect opportunity. We had previously seen on Groupon that they had a deal for Tomasello but didn’t know whether we could use it at the Wyckoff location, but the staff member said we can, you just have to select the Abma’s location when purchasing.

The Groupon deal was $35 for a tasting of 5 wines for each of us, 1 souvenir glass each, 2 bottles of Tomasello wine up to $25 each, 1 membership to the Tomasello Case Club each, and $5 off a purchase of $20 at Abma’s Farm Market each. So even though we could’ve done the tasting free since we already had souvenir glasses, with all that was included, we couldn’t pass this up. PLUS, next time we go back, we now have two extra glasses so we can bring a couple friends. (Tip: Check Groupon before your trip or when you arrive, as they have deals often for Tomasello.)

Even though we had tried many of their wines in July, it was helpful to re-taste some of the wines we’d forgotten about and to try others that we hadn’t before.

After the wine tasting, we proceeded to our first stop on our 2015 adventure: Kabob on the Cliff, an Iranian and Persian restaurant in Ridgewood, NJ.

Neither of us had been here, but we are both familiar with the area having worked there years ago, and we had discovered it when looking up places to eat near Wyckoff. The Yelp reviews looked good, so we figured it was worth a try. And of course, we called ahead to make sure it was BYO. (Which it was!) We brought one of our bottles from Tomasello.

The restaurant is a small storefront that seats approximately 20-30 people. As the evening progressed they dimmed the lights, signaling a shift from lunchtime to dinnertime. Our waiter was extremely friendly.


Tahdig with stew

Our first dish was the Tahdig appetizer. Tahdig is a crispy rice dish which can be described as the rice from the bottom of the pan. The tahdig was served with our choice of stew on top. It seems like the stew options change seasonally, as our stew of choice is no longer on the menu on their website. The tahdig was a bit difficult to eat, as it was crispy, but the stew was delicious. (The stew can also be ordered on its own as an entrée.) A table of four could easily share the tahdig as an appetizer.



We also ordered the falafel appetizer, which was perfectly done – not too greasy, and very flavorful. If we weren’t full, we would’ve eaten all of it.


Kabob combo for one

For our entrée, we shared the Kabob combo for one, which includes half a skewer of chicken, half a skewer of beef or lamb (we chose the beef), and 1 skewer of koobideh, which is a mixture of chopped lamb, beef, and onions. This comes with a side of rice or a salad, or half and half. We ordered the half and half, but we got lucky and they accidentally gave us full portions of each. Even though we’d ordered the combo for one, we had plenty left over.

(Disclaimer: We were so hungry that we forgot to take picture before we ate, so some of our plates are half-eaten in these photos. This probably isn’t the last time this will happen.)


Julie & the bottle of Doogh

We ordered a bottle of Doogh, a yogurt-based beverage. We had differing opinions on the Doogh. Julie found it a bit too sour, while Gina enjoyed it, and noted that in her culture, they have something similar called Kefir, which she adds sugar to when she drinks it to sweeten it.


Iranian ice cream

For dessert, we had Iranian ice cream, which is saffron and rosewater flavored, with chopped pistachios on top. We didn’t know what to expect, but it was delicious and we ate all of it, even on a full stomach.

We realize Ridgewood is full of great restaurant options, but we would definitely recommend making a stop here the next time you’re in town!